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My Mission:

My objective is to lift and build the inner you,

We live in a world where there is a lot of pain and people are tearing one another down.

Why don’t we change that into a life where we turn all that negativity around?



Our mindset can change the  whole trajectory of our lives.   A

 mindset and a plan could place your dreams in the palm of your hands. It will not come without hard work, consistency, and support but together we will make things work. There is a goal, dream, or purpose deep down inside, where your passion and will collide. The time has come for your breakthrough



The negativity, heartache, pain, and loss bring undoubtedly

hard time that is sometimes difficult to talk about. No one should

have to go through these things alone. In me you can confide your 

pain, uncertainty, and your fears. I can help find joy and dry

up those tears. Hand in hand working collectively we can start a new, give it a chance and


My Credentials 

Bachelor of Science Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas A&M University

Master of Arts in Psychology from University of the Rockies


Success Stories


Gradie C.

Andrea Kellum is God-sent, she came into my life and encouraged me into the best version of myself. I remember a few years back when I was all over the place and unhappy and stressed from work, just existing and not really living. She actively listened to me and assisted with creating an action plan that enabled me to grow mentally, emotionally, as well as spiritually. I am now the owner of a successful company and I have stepped into my purpose. It was a great experience working with Encourage You and being supported through this journey called Life.


- Natashua T.

Andrea Kellum is an amazing and encouraging spirit. Ms. Kellum is a person that has found her purpose and shares it so willingly by serving others.  Helping others to find and strive towards their purpose as she has for me.  

Always having a positive word in spite of it all. She is a blessing to many.



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